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Mud fever ointment for horses

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100 ml In handy tube
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Mud fever ointment for horses

Hypomok™ 100 ml, powerful mud fever ointment for horses.

Hypomok™ is a concentrated and effective mud fever ointment for horses. This is the first mud fever salve that does not contain any antibiotics and yet still delivers results within a few days. The ointment is easy to apply in the pastern cavity or where the mud fever is located and dosing is easy using the convenient squeeze tube.

What is mud fever?
Mud fever is a common skin problem among horses. It is a skin infection that often occurs in the pastern cavity of a horse. The infection can show up in different ways, but can often be recognised by the scabs that can form. In the autumn, when the ground gets wetter and horses may come into long-term contact with damp surfaces (for example through mud), mud fever can arise. In addition to intense itching, mud fever can also cause leg inflammation and even lameness

Hypomok™ Mud Fever Ointment:

  • For the care of scabs.
  • For the care of fissures.
  • For redness and ulcers.

Instructions for use:

1.     Make sure that your hands are clean. Or wear gloves.
2.     Apply a thick layer of ointment for 3 - 4 days.
3.     After 3 days, the first scabs will loosen. Gently scrape them off while applying the ointment.
4.     After the scabs have been removed, apply a thin layer of ointment for 3 - 4 days. (Apply for longer if desired).

In 95% of cases tested the mud fever was under control after 7 days of treatment.
After applying the Hypomok™, wash your hands well.

Zinc oxide, Calendula oil, white Vaseline and sulphur.

Storage advice:
Store in the original packaging, in a cool and dry place beyond the reach of children. This product has not been tested on pregnant mares.

Hypomok™ is manufactured according to GMP and HACCP guidelines. This guarantees the constant quality of the product.

1 tube of 100 ml is sufficient for a 2 - 4-week treatment.

Can be stored for 12 months after opening.