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The digestion of a horse is one of the most important processes. In the stomach / intestinal system nutrients are absorbed which is essential for other processes in the body. There can be major consequences for the rest of the body, when a disturbance occurs in the digestive system.

ProbioHorse helps restore the intestinal flora in horses if it is disrupted through a threefold operation of three carefully chosen ingredients:

    • Probiotics: supplements the good bacteria
    • Psyllium: supports the bowel function
    • Ginger: supports against intestinal parasites
Composition per sachet
Psyllium husks5 grams 100% pure 
Gingerroot powder5 grams 100% pure 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae10 grams 100% pure

ProbioHorse™ is an additional feed for horses and is not suitable for human consumption as the only PharmaHorse product. The reason for this is that the bacteria in the intestines of a horse are different from those of a human being.

For ponies as a treatment, for up to 7 days: 1 sachet per day.
As maintenance: 0.5 sachet per day.
For horses as a treatment, for max. 7 days: 2 sachets per day.
As maintenance: 1 sachet per day.