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Psyllium horse

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Psyllium horse

Why give your horse Psyllium Husk Fibre?

Psyllium Husk (Latin name: plantago ovata), is also known as flaxseed. It is naturally rich in emollients. PharmaHorse Psyllium consists exclusively of flaxseed fibre and is therefore extremely rich in emollients. Psyllium is used to help prevent sand colic by stimulate sand drainage from the intestines.

Tip: Use the Psyllium Husk Fibre as a 7-day treatment.

Is PharmaHorse Psyllium suitable for young horses?
Psyllium can also be given to younger horses without any problem but pay extra attention to the dosage and adjust it to the weight of the horse.

Other Psyllium products?
Obviously, other Psyllium products are available on the market. Make sure that you use the Plantago Ovata variety. PharmaHorse distinguishes itself by the purity of this product.

Attention point: Attention point: Apple aroma, dextrose and other sugars are significantly cheaper raw materials that are blended and should not be mistaken for other products on the market. Our Psyllium contains pure Psyllium only, with no added flavourings or additives. 

PharmaHorse Psyllium Husk is used by many professionals and veterinarians. Click here for our references and read the experiences of well-known equestrians and veterinarians.

Composition per kg
Psyllium Husk * (Plantago Ovata)100% pure (Human Grade Quality)

Directions for use:

Pony: 2.5 measuring scoops a day for maintenance. Treatment max. 5 measuring scoops a day for 7 days.
Horse: 5 measuring scoops a day for maintenance. Treatment max. 10 measuring scoops a day for 7 days.

1 measuring scoop is equal to approximately 10 grams.

Storage recommendation:
The product should be stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging, beyond the reach of children.