Hoof pack for horses

Hoof pack for horses

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PharmaHorse Hoof pack for horses

The Hoof Pack Small consists of 1000 grams biotin+, 1 litre linseed oil, 0,5 litre Duo Protection Hoof Grease and a hoof scraper.
The Hoof Pack Large consists of 3000 grams biotin+, 5 litre linseed oil, 1 litre Duo Protection Hoof Grease and a hoof scraper.

PharmaHorse Biotin+
Biotin (Vitamin B8) supports the recovery capacity of the skin. Biotine has a positive influence on the functioning of the nervous system. Biotin is important for energy metabolism and promotes it.

Caution: PharmaHorse Biotin contains MSM. Read more here about the recommended daily dosage of MSM

Pony (± 300 kg): 2 measuring scoops a day.
Horse (± 600 kg): 4 measuring scoops a day.g
1 measuring scoop is equal to approx. 2.5 grams (measuring scoop included).

Composition per kg
3A880 Biotin 3000 mg (pharmaceutical quality)
MSM 996 grams (pharmaceutical quality)
Linseed oil 1 gram

PharmaHorse Linseed oil 
PharmaHorse Linseed Oil (Latin name: Linum usitatissimum) is cold pressed. 

Pony (± 300 kg): 30ml a day
Horse (± 600 kg): 60ml a day

Cold pressed virgin linseed oil  100% pure

PharmaHorse DUO Protection Hoof
DUO Protection Hoof is a natural hoof fat used by farriers. Duo Protection is made from 100% natural horse fat. 

Suggested use: 
During the first 14 days, smear every day; the following 14 days, smear every other day; finally, continue to smear twice a week.

The products are free of added sugars. Sugars are not always listed as sugar. Common sugars and sweeteners in supplements are apple aroma, dextrose, sucrose and grape sugar. PharmaHorse does not use any sugars or sweeteners and therefore stands apart from other suppliers. Our products also do not contain other fillers or flavourings.

Blog: Why is our information so concise?

Storage recommendation:
The product should be stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging, beyond the reach of children.

We use human-grade quality ingredients, which guarantees high quality. Nevertheless, because of the size of the measuring spoon and the advised dose, the labelling of this product recommends that you only use it for ponies and horses.

This product is not medicine and has no medicinal effects. Food supplements are not replacements for a healthy lifestyle with a variety of well-balanced food. Therefore, if your horse is sick or has a medical disorder, it is important to contact a veterinarian. 


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