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Vitamin E Excellent horse

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Vitamin E Excellent horse

Why give your horse PharmaHorse Vitamin E Excellent?

The combination of Vitamin E, Selenium, L-Lysine and MSM plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle mass and in the elimination of waste in muscles.  Vitamin E Excellent is an essential nutritional supplement for horses that regularly perform intensive muscular activity. PharmaHorse Vitamin E Excellent contains an extremely high and safe dose of Vitamin E and MSM, which makes the Vitamin E easy to dose.

Vitamin E is a nutrient that helps the body eliminate waste, including muscle waste (such as lactic acid). Vitamin E also plays a key role in oxygen absorption in the lungs. The need for Vitamin E is highest among sports horses, lactating mares and growing horses. Horses deficient in Vitamin E have problems relaxing their muscles, do not recover as well after intense exertion and may even have muscle spasms. 

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Caution: PharmaHorse Vitamin E Excellent contains MSM. Read more here about the recommended daily dosage of MSM and about any supplements for products that already contain MSM.

Other Vitamin E products?
PharmaHorse Vitamin E is not the first Vitamin E product available on the market but it is certainly one of the few products consisting of 100% pure raw materials, which are also suitable for human consumption. PharmaHorse distinguishes itself by the purity of this product. PharmaHorse Vitamin E is also unique, as it is mixed with MSM instead of fillers such as Dextrose Monohydrate or Maltodextrine.

Attention point: Apple aroma, dextrose and other sugars are significantly cheaper raw materials that are blended and should not be mistaken for other Vitamin E products on the market.

Composition per kg
Vitamin E254 grams = 127 grams Elementary (Human Grade Quality)
Selenium30 mg (Human Grade Quality)
L-Lysine HCL127 grams (Human Grade Quality)
MSM617 grams (Human Grade Quality)
Linseed oil1 gram (Human Grade Quality)

Directions for use:
Pony: 2 measuring scoops a day.
Horse: 4 measuring scoops a day.

1 measuring scoop is equal to approx. 4 grams (measuring scoop included).
PharmaHorse Vitamin E can be mixed with your horse's or pony's daily feed.
Do not exceed the dosage.