Why do some products have a red label?

When selecting the ingredients for new supplements, there are a number of standards from which we can never deviate. The ingredients must be pure, doping-free, sugar-free and made of materials of human grade quality. Nevertheless, our customer service regularly receives questions about supplements that appear on the FEI list of unauthorized substances.

We have conducted a survey among some of our customers to enquire whether there is a need for a separate product line in which ingredients are used that can result in a positive test for doping. The answer was clear: yes (85%).

PharmaHorse RED
As a result of this survey, we have created an entirely new production line: PharmaHorse RED. In this new line, you will find supplements that can result in a positive test for doping when you participate in competitions.

The PharmaHorse RED supplements are easy to distinguish: they have a RED label.

Waiting time
Do you have a competition horse, but you want to use the PharmaHorse RED products? Then you run the risk that your horse tests positive for doping.

In that case, we advise to implement a waiting time between administering the supplement and the competition. A waiting time is the time that a body needs to break down a substance. This waiting time differs per supplement and herb.

Customized Advice
Do you have doubts or do you need appropriate advice to deal with your situation? Our team of specialists are happy to advise you about our products. Click here for personal tailored advice.